NPH & David - Forever protector
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icons: Neil Patrick Harris/HIMYM/NPH & David Burtka/David Burtka

I herewith share with you the icons I made for myself in a rush over the past months. And I really don't know why! :D;

(26) Neil Patrick Harris (1 animated)
(10) Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka
(03) David Burtka
(06) HIMYM cast

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Comments would be GREATLY appreciated! I am trying out new styles every time and would like to know what you like best.
Credit either pikka or chasingbunnies on your icon info! It's just good manners, peeps.

_textures/brushes (entry with links coming asap!)
_pictures:, Flickr, the depth of the Trible-W.
Dr. Horrible - In Your Face
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art: every colour can be found (CG)

Title: Every Colour Can Be Found
Rating: G
Medium: PSCS3, Wacom Intuos 3
Class: Digital sketch and colouring.

Note: Eh. I tried to create a counterpart to this piece, but the style wouldn't work well to express Penny's character very well. :/ (And I have never drawn her before.) I might try another colour scheme sometime for this.

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Nana - 8 - hot and creamy
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First entry.

Welcome to another attempt to chase my creative bunnies out of my head. May it be art, fiction, icons - most stuff on here will be fandom-related - and most likely be awkward.

You have been warned.

♦ Some entries will, depending on their content, be locked. You won't be able to watch them, if you're just watching the community instead of having joined it.
♣ If you don't like anything you find on here because of its content, feel free to leave. You are free to criticize the execution of my works, but not their content. You don't like men kissing each other? That's your issue. Don't make it mine.
♠ ... that's it! :D